Located just a 20-minute boat ride from Mykonos, Tinos isn't just a religious destination but holds a lot of value for its visitors. Two other islands located close to Tinos are Andros and Delos. Just like other Greek islands, you will find white-washed houses, old churches, small alleyways and Cycladic dovecotes. This small island has untouched beaches, historical places, breathtaking landscapes, an authentic culinary scene and eye-catching architecture. It has 50 villages, 80 windmills and over a thousand dovecotes. If you are travelling to Mykonos, Tinos must be on your list. This amazing destination is just a short charter away on one of our luxury yachts. Check out our travel guide to help plan your itinerary accordingly.

Top Attractions of Tinos

  • Church of Panagia Megalochari: Located on a hill in Chora, this church is considered the saint protector of not only Tinos but all of Greece. Also known as “Our Lady of Tinos”, it is a church complex wherein the Chapel of Apocalypse is located and on the top floor, there is a monastery. The entire building was made out of marble.
  • Villages: The tiny villages of Tinos stand out because of their cobbled stone streets, arches, chapels, churches and surrounding houses. Some of the villages are Orthodox and some are Roman Catholic. Visit Loutra to see the Jesuit and Ursuline monasteries, Pyrgos to see the Giannoulis Halepas sculpture, Koumaros to taste natural coffee and more.
  • Museum of Marble Crafts: Here, you will find marble crafts from pre-industrial and proto-industrial ages. You can also explore tombstones, crafting tools, clay templates and drawings at this museum.
  • Archaeological Museum of Tinos: Designed by Ch. Bouras and built-in 1960s, this museum features sculptures, pottery, coins, marble funerary stele, marble statues, sundials and more.
  • Agia Thalassa beach: This beach is famous for its amazing scenery, chapel and natural shade from its’ surrounding trees. This beach features a chair that is made from whale bones that washed up on the shore. It is kept inside the chapel of St. Nicholas.
  • Kechrovoúni: You can hike up to this mountain hill and discover the natural beauty of Tinos' villages from the top.
  • DyoChoria: This small but beautiful village is built on Mount Exobourgo. There are white houses with colored windows, amazing arcades and arches, stone pathways and thrilling views here.
  • Festivals: Tinos World Music Festival, Curiosity, Kyklos Kykladon, Giorti tis Aginaras and kinono_1
  • Other attractions: Museum Giannoulis Halepa, Kardiani, Tarambados, Isternia, Chora, Pigeon Houses, Volax, Paralia Laouti, Oursoulínes, Kira Xeni, Lighthouse Livada, Ballis Winery and its’ magnificent beaches.

Best Beaches, Hotels and Restaurants

Beaches: Beaches located on the south side of Tinos are organized and have a lot of dining areas to choose from. You will find plenty of secluded beaches in the north. Here are some of the top beaches in Tinos you must visit:

  • Agios Ioannis Porto: This long, sandy beach is quite popular among tourists. This beach has a lot of hotels and restaurants nearby.
  • Agios Sostis: This beach has a seaside resort. You will find sunbeds and umbrellas for a perfect beach day.
  • Kolympithra: This beach also attracts many tourists. It is surrounded by tons of green vegetation and its’ boasts crystal clear waters.
  • Agios Romanos: This is a calm beach with amazing hotels and houses nearby.
  • Other beaches: Panormos, Agios Fokas, Isternia beach, Kalivia, Lychnaftia, Ormos Giannaki, Pachia Ammos, Leivada Bay, Mali Beac, Rohari, Isternia, Pachia ammos, Laouti Beach, Stavros, Agios Markos and Agios Fokas beach.

Hotels: From luxurious suites, local Greek houses to stunning villas with extensive swimming pools, Tinos may be small but has several options for visitors to stay. Here are the best hotels to consider - Diles & Rinies, Crossroads Inn, Fratelli Rooms, Aeolis Tinos Suites, Living Theros Luxury Suites, Onar Hotel and Suites, Agali Bay Hotel, Mr. and Mrs. White Tinos, Anthea Hotel, Asteria Hotel, Tinion Hotel, Casa Donata, The Goat House, VollaKima, Elayio Houses, Living Theros Luxury Suites and Byzantio City Hotel among others.

Restaurants: Tinos' restaurants are varied in terms of the food they serve and the views you will get there. Most of the restaurants here serve Mediterranean, Greek, vegan, vegetarian and seafood dishes. Some of the top restaurants are Itanenamikrokaravi, Dough and Shaker, Malamatenia, Tsampia, Maistros, To Limanaki, Marathia, Mpeee, Osteria, Pranzo, San to alati, Svoura, Thalassaki, To Koutouki tis Elenis, Triantaraki, Like Salt, Malamatenia and more.

Best Things to do in Tinos

  • Swimming: With 100km of coastline, Tinos features the best beaches of the Cyclades. Tinos has both secluded beaches and more popular ones as well.
  • Hiking: We definitely recommend you to hike to the top of 640-meter high Mount Exomvourgo, you can start this trail at theXinara village.
  • Snorkeling: When you hire our private charter services, you get access to all modern amenities including water toys. You don't have to worry about snorkeling or diving equipment when you are in Tinos. You can start your snorkeling excursion from Agios Ioannis Porto and Agios Sosti.
  • Windsurfing: This is another water activity that you can enjoy in Tinos. AgiosFokas is famous for windsurfing. Other places to try windsurfing are Livada Beach, Megalo, Drakonissi and Agios Romanos.

Tinos is a sophisticated Greek island that allows you to receive seclusion and privacy. Explore this untouched and unspoiled island. Tinos isn't just a religious monument for Greeks but a natural beauty still untouched by mass tourism. Visiting this island during your Mykonos trip would make your Greek excursion an unforgettable one.

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