North Aegean Islands

The North Aegean Islands are a group of big and small islands that are equally beautiful and mesmerizing. The five big islands that are part of the North Aegean Islands are Ikaria, Samos, Limnos, Lesvos and Chios. The smaller island consist of Agios Efstratios, Oinousses, Samiopoula, Agios Minas, Antipsara, Thymaina, Fournoi and Psara. With social media and bloggers, this part of Greece has become a popular tourist destination. These islands have everything from traditional villages, extraordinary green landscapes, crystal clear waters to forests filled with olive groves. We highly recommend you to visit these islands about your charter. One week or even one month is not enough to explore these best-kept secrets of of the Aegean Sea. At Mykonos Yacht Charters, we will help you explore everything that these islands have to offer. Whether you want a private charter for a week or a yacht for a month, we can make it happen. Before you book your charter, check out this travel guide to learn the best things about these almost untouched islands.

The Bigger Islands of the North Aegean Islands

  • Chios: Chios has several remote beaches and villages, various cafes and restaurants, as well as local shops. Definitely, visit the fortress villages known as Mastichochoria which is known for manufacturing Mastika (a gummy sap). Top places worth visiting are the Byzantine Museum, the “Korais” library, the Naval Museum, Kampos, Anavatos and Avgogyma, Nea Moni, MavraVolia, Yossonas, the Bay of Nágos, Agia Fotia and Paralia ton Glaron.
  • Ikaria: With this island’s beautiful weather, turquoise waters, refreshing streams, and gourmet food,this island has something to offer everyone. Participate in Ikarian "Panagiria" to enjoy wine, music, dancing, food and more. The island has plenty of archaeological and religious sites, wineries, fun outdoor activities and more.
  • Samos: Samos is considered “the jewel” of the North Aegean Islands as it boasts lush landscapes, thrilling beaches, architectural wonders and amazing Greek food. Popular beaches to visit are Potokaki, Kokkari, Lemonakia, Tsamadou, Tsabouand Avlakia. Top attractions here are Temple of Hera, Pythagorion, Tunnel of Eupalinos, Potami Gorge, Samos Wine Museum, Karlovasi And The Tanneries, mount kerkis and the shipyards and Pythagorean Cup.
  • Limnos: Known as the home of the god, Hephaestus.This island is definitely worth visiting for its neoclassical buildings, volcanic rocks and Tourkikos Gialos. We recommend you to explore the Byzantine Castle of Myrina, Church of Panagia Kakaviotissa, Keros Beach, archaeological sites, Archaeological Museum, Pachies Ammoudies, etc.
  • Lesvos: It is known for its unique petrified forest covering and its’the third-largest island of Greece that has an abundant forest vegetation. It is home to a number of poets, painters and artists. Points of interest are Molyvos, Mytilini, Skala Eressos, Sigri, Vatera, Petra, Agiassos, Kaloni, Anaxos, Plomari Beach, Antissa and Gulf of Yera.

The Smaller Islands of the North Aegean Islands

  • Agios Efstratios: This tiny island was formed due to volcanic eruptions. Efstratios is blessed with unique geological formations, amazing landscapesand oak forests. Beaches we recommend you to visit are Agios Dimitrios Trygari, Ftelio, Gournias, Trypitiand Lydario. Other places that will interest you are Museum of Democracy, the hill of Agios Minas and the churches of Christos, Nikolaos and Vasileios.
  • Oinousses: This Aegean island is rich in naval history with captain mansions and stone houses. Top attractions of Oinousses are the Oinousses Village, Pateronissi, Kastro, Agios Pantelehmonas, Prassonissia, Oinousses Island, Aspalathrokambos, Vatos, Passas, Papapontikadiko, etc.
  • Samiopoula: As the name suggests, this island is a smaller version of Samos but gives you experiance of escaping the crowds Samos has. Psalida is its main beach with white sand and tranquil sea. Visit the chapels of Agia Pelagia and the Ascension of Christ.
  • Agios Minas: It is located in the Fourni Korseoncluster. The island is known for its nature and beauty. It boasts important plant species such as common sage and thyme. Important birds are also found in Agios Minas including European Shag and Eleonara Falcon.
  • Antipsara and Psara: These two small islands are located close to Chios and consist of 5 smaller islands including Kato Nisi, Aye Nikolaki, Daskalio, Prasonisi and Nisopoula. Points of interest are Agios Nikolaos church, Archaeological Museumand Koimiseos Theotokou monastery.
  • Thymaina: Located just opposite to Fourni, this island boasts its’ old churches such as Aghios Nikolaos and the Aghios Dimitrios churches. We also recommend you to explore its’ beautiful beaches like Keramidou and Aghios Nikolaos.
  • Fournoi: If you are a hiker, camper or naturist, you will fall in love with Fourni. You can take a day trip to Fourni from the nearby Samos. Top beaches are Vlychada, Vitsilia, Petrokopio, Elidakiand Bali. Other attractions are its’ windmills, the South of Kampi, the village of Chrisomilia, etc.

Best Hotels and Restaurants in North Aegean Islands

Hotels: Just like the diversity of islands that you will find in the North Aegean Islands, the types of hotels are also diverse. Top recommended hotels are Hotel Saint Nicholas, Olympia Beach Hotel, Hotel Athena, Sirena Residence & Spa, Doryssa Seaside Resort, Kerveli Village Hotel, Mandilada Villas, Armonia Bay Hotel, Semeli Boutique Hotel, Doryssa Seaside Resort, Argentikon Luxury Suites, Lemnos Village Resort, Proteas Blu Resort, pyrgos of Mytilene, Emily, Aeolian Gaea Hotel, Aeolis, Aphrodite Hotel, Atheras, Arion Hotel, Belvedere Aeolis Hotel, Cavos Bay Hotel and Studios and more.

Restaurants: Top restaurants to taste local delicacies and delicious Greek foods are ma'muikaria, Tavern Paschalia, Meltémi, Tzapharas, Orízontas, Atsachas Rooms and Restaurant, Hippy's Restaurant, Restaurant Stella, Agyra Restaurant, Lakis restaurant, Roussiko Thymiana, Gorgona Restaurant, Betty's Restaurant, The Ballad of Bill and Salome, Thea's Restaurant & Rooms, StoKampi, Mary Mary, etc. Must-try local dishes are ladotyri, kalathaki, armogalo, anamatomelo, sardines, fried zucchini flowers, salt-dried sardines, stuffed squid, flomaria, sofikoand pickled bonito.

Best Things to do in the North Aegean Islands

  • Shopping: From upscale markets to local souvenirs, the Northern Aegean Islands have a great number of choices when it comes to shopping. You can check out shops like Mastic Spa, Moutafis, Mythos Art Gallery, Veto, Evelyn and Zaharoplasteion Avgoustakis.
  • Nightlife: The northern islands of the Aegean Sea have swanky bars, lounges and nightclubs. We recommend you to check out Beyond, Bracciera, Congas Beach Bar, Cosmo, Escape Music Club, Hacienda, Kronos Ice Cream Parlor, Moana, Metropolis Lounge Cafe Bar and Molly's Bar.
  • Water Activities: The natural landscape of these islands offer great opportunities for water sports. Dive down to wrecks and explore the underwater grottos, colorful marine creatures and vibrant corals. Top diving spots are Chios, Great Wall, Lesvos, Pefkari, Thassos, etc. Hire a sailing yacht to see the Aegean sunset. Bring fishing gear and catch some big game fish. You’ll find water skiing and wakeboarding at some of the beaches of Limnos, Samos, and Lesvos. Swimming can be enjoyed at most of the beaches of the bigger and smaller islands.

The endless natural beauty, sensational sea, ancient ruins, forests, green valleys, rugged mountains, stunning beaches, and picturesque landscape attract tourists to the North Aegean Islands from all over the world. The villages and beaches on this island archipelago are quiet and relaxing. Despite being untouched by mass tourism, these islands offer modern infrastructure while incorporating their local traditional style. Stop by these islands during your charter through Greece and you will not regret it.

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