Saronic Gulf Islands

The Saronic Gulf Islands, also known as Argo-Saronic Islands, is an archipelago in Greece that boasts ancient heritage, stunning beaches, exquisite architecture and magnificent landscapes. This group of islandsis named after the Saronic Gulf in which they are located. The main islands of this archipelago are Aegina, Salamis, Agistri and Poros. The beauty and nature of these islands rival Mykonos. Their proximity to Athens makes them a good choice for tourists travelling from European countries and across the world. If you love peaceful nature and beaches, the Saronic islands are worth visiting during your holiday in Greece. We have prepared this travel guide to help you plan your charter itinerary easily.

Top Attractions of the Saronic Gulf Islands

  • Aegina: The island of Aegina is the most popular tourist destination in this archipelago as it is located closest to Athens. Aegina is an ideal family vacation location, thanks to its stunning beaches. From ancient sites to historic ones – Aegina has something for everyone. Stroll the harbor, check out the Tower of Markellos, visit the Archaeological Site of Kolona, Monastery of Agios Nektarios and Temple of Aphaia, discover Paleahora, swim at Sarpa Beach and Klima Beach, visit its museum and try local seafood dishes.
  • Agistri: This is a tiny island in the Saronic archipelago. It is only a mere, ten minute drive from the north Megalochori to the south end of Limenaria. Some of the best attractions you can visit here are Aponisos Beach, Skala port, Dragonera Beach, Megalochori village, Chalikiada Beach, Limenaria, Church of Agioi Anargyroi, Metochi village and Church of Panagia.
  • Hydra: It is the most beautiful island in the Saronic Gulf Islands. Its beauty attracts celebrities like Leonard Cohen and Sophia Loren. Travelers come here to seek inspiration and relax.Ride in on a donkey, visit the Monastery of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, Museums of Hydra, enjoy views from Kamini to Hydra Town, climb the Bastions and explore Kaminia Beach, Agios Nikolaos, Spilia and Vlychos.
  • Poros: Located an hour ride away from the Port of Piraeus, Poros has a chic harbor, beautiful seafront promenade, ancient history and thrilling beaches. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Poros, Holy Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, Poros Town Clock Tower, Vagionia Bay, Askeli Beach, Love Bay, Monastery Beach, Megalo Neorio, Russian Naval Station Beach, Sanctuary of Poseidon and Lemon Forest.
  • Salamina: It is not like the typical Greek islands of Athens, Mykonos or Santorini. It is a common destination amongst working-class Athenians, most of which have their summer cottageshere and come here to relax and get away. Visit the Significant Bay of Salamis, Psili Ammos, Iliakti, Kanakia, Agios Nikolaos, Archaeological Museum of Salamis, Aeanteio beach and the Cave of Euripedes.
  • Spetses: This island is known for its contribution to the 1821 War of Independence. Spetses has a lush landscape, traditional architecture, legendary history and picture-perfect beaches. We definitely recommend you to visit Dapia Square, Old Port, Spetses Museum and the Church of Panagia
  • Other popular destinations: Bays of Phaleron, Faliro, Elefsina and Kechires, Salamis, Armata, Ayios Mamas Beac, Ayia Paraskevi Beach, Vrelos Beach, Spetses Lighthouse, Bouboulina Museum, Ayios Mamasand more.

Best Beaches, Hotels and Restaurants

Beaches: The Saronic beaches are known for their relaxing and peaceful surroundings. The beaches in Aegina and Poros are the best organized sandy beaches, with facilities like hotels, taverns and water sports centers. The beaches of Hydra, Spetses, and Agistri are not well-developed, but you can experience a relaxing atmosphere. Top beaches are Love Bay, Skala Beach, Askeli Beach, Halikiada Beach, Marathon Beach, Kalona Beach, Dragonera Beach, Agios Nikolas, Agia Paraskevi, Askeli Beach and more.

Hotels: As we mentioned earlier, the Saronic Gulf Islands attract people and celebrities from all parts of the world. So, a variety of accommodations is available here, depending on your budget and needs. We recommend the following hotels - Hotel Phaedra, Poseidonion Grand Hotel, Four Seasons Hydra Luxury Suites, Orloff Boutique Hotel, Piteoussa Guesthouse, Rastoni, Cotommatae Hydra 1810, Bratsera Hotel, New Aegli Hotel, Miranda Hotel, Aeginitiko Archontiko, Aethrio Guesthouse, Hotel Apollo and Vagia Hotels just to name a few.

Restaurants: Every island in the Saronic archipelago has its own particular cuisine but with a Greek twist. You will find stuffed squid, fisherman's pasta, mussels, sea bass, fried Kastoula and delicious sweets made with whole lemon and pistachios. Some restaurants to try local delicacies are To Perasma, Ermis, StoPsito, To Patitiri, Galanopetra, Antonia's Technes, La Mirage, O Thodoras, Costantonia, Nostalgia, O Thodoris, To Proreon, Rappas, Mesogiakon, Apagio Taverna, Inn on the Beach Cocktail Bar and Quadrant Cafe.

Best Things to Do in the Saronic Gulf Islands

  • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling: From the Gulf of Evia to the Saronic Gulf, Greece’s seabed is filled with historical wrecks. You will find Queen Olga, Panormitis, Freighter Kyra Eleni, Piper Aircraft, Patris Shipwreck, Beaufighter WW II Aircraft and Kaptan Ismail Hakki. For snorkelers, there is a breath taking realm to explore, from hidden caves and walls to colorful schools of fish.
  • Hiking: One of the Saronic Gulf’s best-kept secrets is hiking the volcanic landscapes and peninsula. The Methana peninsula is the best way to enjoy hiking, therapeutic hot springs and the volcanic beaches.
  • Shopping: From mini-markets to small shops with traditional products, the Saronic Islands have something for everyone. Shop for books, arts & crafts, clothing, jewelry, ceramics, gifts, wine, etc.
  • Other Activities: Fishing, sailing, swimming, jet skiing, water skiing, food tours, wine tours, etc.

The Saronic Islands are ideal destinations for long holidays and even short trips. These islands have a special style, a relaxing atmosphere, bright waters, clean beaches, ports, restaurants, luxury hotels and shopping markets. As this island archipelago is located just a short ride from the Greek capital. At Mykonos Yacht Charters, we can aide in your planning process to create the perfect itinerary to the beautiful islands and beaches of the Saronic Gulf! Our yachts are designed to allow you to relax and soak in the beauty. Boasting amenities like latest modern technologies, food and beverage services, a professionally trained crew, a talented chef and skipper, our luxury yacht charters will take your vacation to the next level. All you need to do is pack your bags and travel here to start your unforgettable journey with us. To learn more about the Saronic Gulf and how to book your charter in advance, call us at +1(702)816-6667.