Ios is a Cycladic island located in the middle of the Aegean Sea. It is a popular party island because of its crazy nightlife and its’ numerous pubs, bars and beach clubs. It is an idyllic Greek island with wonderful things to do and explore. With narrow cobblestone alleys, whitewashed houses, mesmerizing beaches, gastronomic delights, scenic beauty and adventurous activities, Ios is a vacationers' dream come true. Get ready for your charter in Ios with this travel guide.

Best Attractions in Ios

  • Panayia Gremiotissa Church: It is a Greek Orthodox church and is located at the top Chora'scliff, which is why it was name Gremniotissa which means 'of the cliff'.
  • Churches: There are 365 churches in Ios, that you can explore.
  • Chora Town: It is the capital city of Ios. This city is filled with white-washed houses, cafes, shopsand bars.
  • Homer’s Tomb: Located in Plakato, this small destination is a burial place for poet Homer. While climbing to the clifftop tomb, you will get to see the stunning views of the Aegean Sea and beaches.
  • Odysseas Elytis Theatre: This Greek-style theater organizes performances from May to September. Overlooking the Mylopotas Bay, you will be sure to enjoy the beautiful scenery during your way to the theater.
  • Gaiti-Simosi Museum: This museum features artwork from the artist Yannis Gaitis, we highly recommend you to visit this museum.
  • Skarkos: This is a well preserved Bronze Age site and is located close to Chora.
  • Other Attractions: Archaeological Museum, Venetian Castle, Cathedral Church, Agia Aikaterini, Aqueduct of Agia Theodoti, Windmills, Modern Art Museum, etc.

Best Beaches, Hotels and Restaurants

Beaches: Ios beaches are considered among the best in Greece. Most of the beaches are located close to the port. Mylopotas and Ormos are two busiest beaches in Ios. Check out the top beaches of Ios here:

  • Mylopotas: This beach is extremely popular, you will find beach bars and numerous resteraunts here.
  • Kalamos: This deserted beach is beautiful and has crystal clear waters. We recommend this beach for any onelooking for a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Agia Theodoti: This sandy beach is family-friendly and offers numerous water sports.
  • Kolitsani: This small beach is located on the southern side of Ios. Protected by hills on all sides, Kolitsani is a popular anchorage for sailing yachts and catamarans.
  • Papa Beach: Located next to Kalamos, Papa Beach boasts an isolated ambiance and beautiful golden sands similar to the ones you would find on Caribbean beaches.
  • Other Beaches: Psathi, Plakoto, Cape Karatzas, Diamoudia, Kambaki, Loretzena, Neraki, Koumbara, Plakes, Tripiti, Tris Klisies, Tzamaria, Valmas and more.

Hotels: From waterfront hotels to boutique hotels with Cycladic architecture, you will find a variety of accommodations in Ios. Some of the top recommended hotels in Ios are Liostasi Hotel & Suites, Calilo, Agalia Luxury Suites, ReluxIos, LevantesIos Boutique Hotel, Dionysos Sea Side Resort, Far Out Village, Ios Palace, Alexander's Suites, Oia Collection Boutique Suites, Ducato di Oia, Cleo's Dream Villaand more.

Restaurants: Ios is full of rich history and gastronomic delights. Lord Byron, Salt, Hellenic Social, Harmony Ios, Katogi, The Nest, Burger Project, Akrogiali, La Randa, Cantina del Mar, Thai Smile, Elphis, Polydoros Taverna, Harmony Mexican Restaurant and Bar, The Mills, Venus Restaurant and Bar, The Octopus Tree, The Nest and Almyra By the Sea, among others. Don't forget to try the two most popular dishes inIos – watermelon pie and spicy skotyri.

Best Things to Do in Ios

  • Sunset watching: Grab a seat at one of the popular beach clubs and enjoy the glorious sunset. Or visit Lorentzena Beach for a perfect sunset view.
  • Party: The nightlife scene is Ios is well talked about. Young couples, energetic tourists and party seekers flock to Ios to experience its notable party scene. There are endless beach clubs that play modern dance music, in Crete. Top party clubs are Ios Bar Crawl, Far Out Club, Ios Club, Scorpion, Disco 69, Pathos Beach Club, Traffic, Click, Coo Bar and Sweet Irish Dream.
  • Shopping: Ios isn't a beach destination. It is also known for its shopping culture. There are numerous gifts and touristy shops in Ormos, Chora and Mylopotas. These shops have everything from souvenirs, fine jewelry, ceramics, leather items and much more.
  • Scuba Diving: Scuba diving is apopular recreational activity in Ios because its’ crystal clear waters and the lack of strong waves. Ios port has a famous wreck site that we recommend your to scuba dive. Plus, there are interesting underwater caves and wall dive sites that are suitable for visitors of all experience levels.
  • Other Activities: Hiking, swimming, paddle boarding, kitesurfing, wakeboarding, banana tube riding, water skiing, jet skiing and others.

Ios has two faces – a historic side of Ios features old churches, Cycladic architecture and ancient ruins; another side includes a relax vibe, laid-back atmosphere and its’ party scene. From its’ historical significance to its’ modern amenities, Ios is a must-visit destination if you are coming to Greece or Mykonos.

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