Located in the southern part of Cyclades Island complex, Milos is a volcanic island with more than 40 exotic beaches. This timeless Greek island has beautiful beaches, amazing bays, enchanting beautyand delicious food. The island boasts the most pristine crystal-blue waters. With sweeping hillsides and gleaming white rock formations on one side, white-washed houses and blue churches on the other side, Milos is worth visiting during your Greece vacation. The best way to visit and explore Milos is to charter a luxurious yacht. At Mykonos Yacht Charters, we provide customized charter packages and superior services to exceed your expectations. Before planning your itinerary, check out our travel guide to Milos.

Top Attractions in Milos

  • Caves and Catacombs: Milos has several caves along its coastline. There are three interconnected catacombs in Milos that belong to the Roman era.
  • Archaeological Museum: The museum contacts old ceramic vases, coins, jewelry and more.
  • Ancient Theater: Facing the natural harbour, this ancient theater has Parian marble seats. Built in the Hellenistic times, the theater could seat 7,000 spectators at the time.
  • Mining Museum: You will find obsidian tools and old weapons and will learn mineral history at this museum.
  • Catacombs: The catacombs are located in Trypiti. This was an early Christian burial site. You will find inscriptions and cavities on the walls.
  • Sykia Cave: This is a collapsed sea cave that can be accessed by a boat. The cave is surrounded by textured white rock. The clear blue waters and the surrounding white rocks create a sparkling light, making the cave quite popular amongst photographers.
  • Other attractions: Venetian Castle, Trypiti Village, Adamas World War Two Bomb Shelter, Conference Center, Monastery of Agios, Antimilos Islet, Folklore Museum, Klima Village, Plaka Town, Church of Agia, Church of Panagia Portiani, Panayiá Korfiátissa Church, Panayiá Thalassýtra, Adámantas harbor, Hivadolímni, Emporiós and Panagia Korfiatissa among others.

Best Beaches, Hotels, and Restaurants

Beaches: The beaches of Milos have an unique allure. They are charming and less crowded than those found in Santorini and Mykonos. Here are the most popular beaches of Milos that we recommend you to visit.

  • Sarakiniko: It is the most photographed beach on Milos because of the white volcanic rocks that create a magnificent contrast with the blue waters.
  • Kаstаnаs: This beach is surrounded by huge cliffs that are vibrantly gleeming withrеd, оrаngе, viοlеt and yеllоwtones.
  • Firiplака: This is the longest beach in Milos. It has bright bluе wаtеr, соlοrful сliffs аnd а hugе rосκpiесе.
  • Firоpοtаmоs: This beach is in the fishing village with the same name. The water here is so clear, it attracts visitors from all over. It is the number 1 beach in Milos.
  • Provatas: This beach is located on the southern side of Milos. It is very sandy and attracts tourists for its scenic views and beautiful clear waters.
  • Achivadolimni: This sandy beach features umbrellas, sunbeds and beach bars, so you can enjoy a good time here.
  • Adamas: This beach boasts trees and is surrounded by hotels and taverns.
  • Other beaches: Tsigrado, Paleochori, Plathiena, Papafragas, Pollonia beach, Pahena, Agia Kyriaki, Agali, Agathia, Agia Marina, Glaronisia, Fatourena, Arkoudes, Ammoudaraki, Triades, Pаlеосhοri, Syкiа Cаvе, Mytakas, Kalogeros, Kapros, Kipos and Pаliоrеmа.

Hotels: Milos is well-loved for its syrmata, beaches and rich history. Most of the hotels are found in Adamas and Pollonia. Top hotels to stay in Milos include Melian Boutique Hotel and Spa, Milos Breeze Boutique Hotel, Captain Zeppos Boutique Suites and House, Delmar Apartments and Suites, Eiriana Luxury Suites, Tania Milos, Nefeli Sunset Studios and Hotel Eleni among others.

Restaurants: Milos is one of the most popular locations for foodies all around the world. This unique destination offers unique dishes like watermelon pies and bonbons with white pumpkin. Some of the best restaurants in Milos are Da Pepe, Navagio MikrosApoplou, O Hamos, Meleiko Cafe, Aggeliki, Paradosiaka Edesmata Deli, Gyros of Milos, Lydia Restaurant, Astakas Cafe, Marianna Restaurant and more.

Best Things To Do in Milos

  • Sailing: There are several amazing beaches in Milos. You cannot access them by land. Sailing on your own private charter is the perfect option to explore these beaches and discover Milos's beauty.
  • 4WDTour: In this tour, you will get to see mining spots in Milos and reach unique places that can't be accessed by foot.
  • Relaxing: When it comes to beach strolling and relaxing, Milos has several options. The beaches here are pristine and less crowded, so it is easy to find a good spot to relax all day. Some of the beaches known for relaxation are Sarakiniko, Thiorichia Beach, Provatas, Kastanas, etc.
  • Food and Wine Tour: Milos is a well-known destination for foodies. You can visit the cheese-making facility -Charalampakis – and Konstantakis Cave Winery.
  • Snorkeling: The sea region of Kleftiko is an impressive hideout for marine animals. With caves, underwater passages and rock formations, you will enjoy snorkeling in this part of Greece.
  • Other Activities: Ahivadolímni is the best place for wind-surfing, Emporió and Trahilas for ideal for off-roading, or take a walking tour from Catacombs to Profétis Elías

Milos is the largest uninhabited island of Cyclades. It showcases its’ ever-changing colors, beautiful rock formations, pristine beaches and mirror-like waters. From sulfur mines, catacombs, pirates' caves, toPlaka Castle, Milos is going to make your Greek vacation unforgettable. At Mykonos Yacht Charters, we provide private charters for visitors looking to explore Milos and its’ surrounding islands. Our charters are customized as per your taste and preferences. We have dedicated professionals aboard each charter who will be there to serve you.

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