Sporades Islands

The name Sporades means “scattered ones” because they look like they have been beautifully scattered throughout the sea. These Islands are truly magnificent, with colored pebbles scattered its’ beaches, green hills, sandy coastlines, sapphire blue waters and gorgeous white-washed houses. The Sporadic archipelago is lesser-known than the surrounding islands and is the least visited. There are 24 islands in the Sporades group but only four are inhabited including Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros. the Sporades Islands are a perfect destination for nature lovers, hikers and those who are seeking a relaxing vacation. So, check out this travel guide if you want to experience the beauty of these magnificent islands on your next vacation.

Top Attractions of the Sporades Islands

  • Skiathos: Also called 'The Mykonos of the Sporades', Skiathos looks beautiful, year round. With fantastic beaches, a booming nightlife, a beautiful forest cover and its’ flourishing wildlife, this island is worth visiting during your trip. We definitely recommend you visit the following; Evangelistria Monastery, Kastro promontory, Skiathos Old Town, Lalaria Beach, Mandraki, Tsougria Island, Koukounaries Beach, Agios Nikolaos Church and Clock Tower, Agia Eleni Beach, Troulos Beach and Papadiamantis House Museum.
  • Skopelos: Skopelos is a stunning island located between Skiathos and Alonissos. It boasts lush vegetation, exotic beaches, picturesque villages, local delicacies, 360 churches and monasteries, flourishing plum trees and a picture-perfect setting. It was also, the filming location for the movie 'Mamma Mia.' When you visit here aboard your luxury charter, definitely explore Skopelos Town, AgiosIoannis Church, Churches and Monasteries, Panormos Beach, Kastani Beach, Agios Riginos Monastery, Milia Beach, Hovolo Beach, Venetian Castle, Limnonari Beach, Evangelistria Monastery and Sendoukia Carved Graves.
  • Alonissos: It is considered the most beautiful island in the Sporades. Alonissos has amazing beaches, quaint little villages, a laid-back lifestyle and apeaceful charm, which is ideal for a relaxing vacation. The island is known for growing herbs, figs, almonds and pears. It also boasts the Mediterranean’s undiscovered diving paradises. During your vacation here, explore Chora (Old Village), National Marine Park, Agios Dimitrios Beach, Leftos Gialos, Alonissos Museum, Chrisi Milia Beach, Kokkinokastro Beach, Megali Ammos Beach, Tzortzi Gialos Beachand Threshing Festival.
  • Skyros: Skyros has a special unique and relaxing charm. It is perfect for nature lovers. Visit Skyros town, Byzantine Castle, Monastery of Agios Georgios, Church of Agios Nikolaos, Prehistoric Palamari, Faltaits Folklore Museum, Grave of Rupert Brooke, Church of Agios Panteleimon, Archaeological Museum, Magazia Beach and Ammoudia Beach Bar, Monastery of St. George, Atsitsa Beach, and Windmill & Stone Rock. Go Hiking, scuba diving, snorkeling, sunset watching and more.

Best Beaches, Hotels and Restaurants

Best Beaches: The beaches in the Sporades have lush green surroundings and crystal clear waters. Some are secluded while others are organized with beach bars, water sports and other tourist facilities. Some of the top beaches are:

  • Koukounaries Beach: This famous beach in Skiathos has pine trees, beach bars, restaurantsand soft golden sand. You can have a relaxing day as well as enjoy water sports here.
  • Lalaria Beach: Only accessible by a private charter, this beach is amazing with rocky surroundings and sapphire waters.
  • Panormous Beach: The beach has soft white pebbles, lush forest surroundings, a relaxing atmosphere and clear waters as well. It is a great beach for families.
  • Stafylos Beach: Stafylos translates into the word, grapes and the beach is rich in vineyards dating backto ancient times. There are some restaurants and taverns that surround this beach.
  • Agios Dimitrios beach: Located in Alonissos Island, this beach is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas. Agios beach has clear waters, beautiful green surroundings and pebbles.
  • Top Beaches: Troulos Beach, Kastani Beach, Mandraki Beach, Banana Beach, AgiosIoannis Beach, Milia Beach, Agios Dimitrios Beach, Agia Eleni Beach, Vromolimnos Beach and Chrisi Milia Beach among others.

Best Hotels: From 5-star luxurious hotels to boutique villas with stunning sea views, the Sporades Islands have plenty of options to accommodate you. Some of the top hotels are Babis, Atlas Hotel Skiathos, Meltemi by Manthos Hotels, Amalia Hotel, Hotel Australia, Filoxenia Hotel, Ifigenia Hotel, Aria, Hotel Mato, Denise Hotel, Skiathos Avaton Hotel, Regas Rooms, Despoina, Chiliadromia Studios, Mandaniki Apartments, Adrina Resorts & Spa, Ostria, Villa Savvina, etc.

Best Restaurants: The restaurants on the Sporades Islands, serve typical Greek local dishes. Depending on the season, the menu will typically include grilled sardines, tuna fish, prawns, fried calamari, octopus salad, lobster pasta, red mullet and more. Top restaurants to try out local cuisines in the Sporades are Peparithos restaurant, Rodi, Taverna Alexander, Anna's Restaurant, Perivoli Restaurant, Finikas Restaurant, Pizzeria Gousto, Karydia Ouzeri, Zoupa Restaurant, Olivo, Aktaion, Pizza Platia, Apolafsi Restaurant, Ammos Restaurant and more.

Best Things to Do in the Sporades Islands

  • Shopping: From modern wood carvings, paintings, rugs, ceramics, pottery, leather sandals and belts to Turkish-style towels, you will find little souvenirs to take back home. Visit these shops to bring home a piece of Greece, Efimeris, Skopelos Sandals, Rodios Pottery, Ploumisti, Galerie Varsakis, Stamatiou Andreou, Kalokairi, Stamatis Ftoulis, etc.
  • Hiking: Alónissosis great for hikers. The best hiking trail starts from Áyios Dhimítrios, up the Kastanórema, then from Melegákia to Áyios Konstandínos and Áyios Yeóryios. Another hiking option for tourists is the National Marine Park of Alónissos.
  • Diving and Snorkeling: Scuba diving and snorkeling in the Sporades islands is a unique experience because of the untouched natural environment, rich biodiversity, and clear waters. Top dive sites are The Blue Cave, The Gorgonian Garden, Agios Georgios South Reef, Agios Petros Reef, Mourtias North Reef and more.
  • Other water sports: Swimming, water rings, banana boat riding, windsurfing, sea parachute, canoeing, kayaking, yoga, massage, spa and more.

One of the best ways to experience the Sporades Islands is by a private charter. With an enviable range of beaches, villages, churches, museums, dishes and activities, this enchanting archipelago is a superb destination for everyone. At Mykonos Yacht Charters, we provide custom charter packages for visitors looking to spend memorable times in the Sporades Islands. Whether you want to explore Skiathos, Alonissos or all the Sporades Islands, our luxury yachts are the perfect vessels to explore the beaches, coves and diving sites of these Greek islands. If you can't decide where you want to go and what you want to do, contact our charter specialist. They will help you plan your itinerary and help you select the right yacht for your group. Contact us here.