Delos Island

Located a few miles away from Mykonos, Delos (according to Greek Mythology) is the birthplace of Apollo (God of Light) and goddess Artemis. It is considered the most important archaeological site in Greece. Listed as an UNESCO Heritage Site, Delos was a Panhellenic sanctuary according to Greek mythology. At Mykonos Yacht Charters, we provide private charters so that you can explore Delos at your own pace and style. Our luxury yachts are equipped with modern amenities to help you enjoy comfort and luxury during your Delos excursion. Here is our guide to Delos to equip you with knowledge so that you can plan your charter itinerary accordingly.

Once you board one of our luxury vessels, it will take you half an hour to reach Delos. You will get to see the old quarters of the island with Mount Kynthos in the background. Enter the gates of Delos and you will see the Main Street of the island that feature various temples including the Temple of Apollo and statues on both sides. There are three temples of Apollo dedicated to the God of Light. Moving past Main Street, you will see the following:

  • The Lion Terrace: These are grandiose statues of lions that had been gifted by the Naxian’s. Historians say there were 9 to 19 lion statues once in Delos but there are only a few standing today.
  • The Sacred Lake: This is believed to be the birthplace of Artemis.
  • Island Oasis: Located on the right side of the Lion Terrace, this oasis was once fed by a small river in which limestone was located underneath. This oasis was the main source of water for the Delos people.
  • Cleopatra’s House: It is believed to be a 2nd century BC house where you can see headless statues of Cleopatra.
  • Delos Museum: As you walk uphill from the Island Oasis, you will find the museum of Delos. It contains the original four lion statues from the Terrace of the Lions. There is a fresco showing God Dionysis riding a tiger. The museum has a collection of sculptures from various periods including Archaic, Hellenistic, Roman and Classical periods.
  • The Amphitheater: Built in the 2nd or 3rd century BC, the theater was large enough to seat nearly 3,000-5,000 spectators.
  • Hall of the Poseidoniasts: This was a meeting hall used by merchants, warehousemen, shipowners and keepers during the late 2nd century BCE.
  • Oikos of the Naxians: This is a long hall with a central colonnade that features a west porch tristyle in antis as well as a marble prostasis.
  • The Platform of the Stoivadeion: This platform showcases the statues of the god of wine and life-force. You will get to see the symbol of Dionysus – phallus.
  • Also visit House of Dionysus, Temple of Hera, the Doric Temple of Isis, House of the Masks, Delos Synagogue, Hand from the Colossus, House of the Trident, Agora of the Italians, Mosaic from the Insula of the Jewellery and House of the Dolphins.

It will take 90 minutes to five hours exploring the ancient ruins, temples, museums, and statues of Delos. The total time for Delos trip depends on your interest, pace and how much time you want to spend here.

Hotels, Restaurants, and Shopping

There are no accommodations on the island. It is uninhabited, so there are no hotels, shops, or commercial restaurants here. There is only one cafe at the Delos Museum, where you can stop for some light snacks. When you are done exploring the ancient ruins in Delos, hop onboard your yacht and enjoy a gourmet meal and your favorite beverages. During your ride back to Mykonos, you can soak in the beautiful views all while sipping on a delicious cocktail.

Why Choose Mykonos Yacht Charters?

A private charter in Mykonos will enable you to explore the popular destinations in this Greek island as well as historic places like Delos and the remote beaches of Frangia and Vathia Lagada. At Mykonos Yacht Charters, we provide luxury charters that allow our guests to enjoy the stunning surrounding islands around Mykonos, You can customize your charter depending on your budget, interests and time. Whether you book a power yacht for a day or megayacht for one week, we are here to help you have a memorable vacation in Mykonos. If you are interested in booking a charter, contact our expert to discuss your needs and charter itinerary.